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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Favorite art piece question

In Art Techniques yahoo group, the question was posed; What is your favorite art piece you've created? I was very surprised when I looked back through my photos that my favorite pieces were all created within a couple weeks of each other and even more surprising to me...they were created in 2005 when I just started on my artistic journey. Admittedly all the pieces are all very similar in coloring and design elements...but that makes sense since they were created so closely together. I can't choose my favorite...the collage hangs in our living room, the clock sits on my desk and the binder keeps all my "important things" also on my desk.

I'm so glad that this question was asked! It gives me a whole new direction to go. I need to go back to collage and maybe work more collage into my altered books and ATC's.

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