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Monday, November 19, 2007

Grandma Olena--PUBLISHED

The Dec/Jan issue of Somerset Memories was in my mailbox today...and why is that significant?? Only because I have a piece of art published on page 63!

I am awaiting a reply from the publisher as to where or not I am allowed to share the image or not. Otherwise..hope you can take a peek at the magazine sometime.

I got permission to share my published piece with you. In the magazine it's framed but I wasn't able to take a decent photo with it in the frame.

This caption appears next to the photo:
"There are very few photos of my beautiful Grandma Olena since she tragically died before reaching her 30th birthday. As a child I always wondered why she didn't smile for her picture...I'd like to think this tribute to her would make her smile now."


Alphaneenee said...

Halle, I am quit sure your Grandmother Olena is smiling now. Your work is a beautiful tribute to her. Way to go getting it published.

Dawn said...

Now your dear grandmother will live on for ever - she will surely be smiling now, CONGRATULATIONS on getting published xxx Fabulous news xxxx

Linda Manning Findley said...

Halle this is so wonderful and I am sure she is smiling .... Linda F

Ellen Lyn said...

Very lovely! Congrats on making the magazine!!

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