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Saturday, February 2, 2008

House tip-in book

I put together a house theme book with the tip-ins I received from a swap on ABC altered book club plus a couple pages of my own just for fun.

The image on the cover is the Hamm house which has been torn down. I got a book in the free bin at the library. It tell the stories of buildings and places in Minnesota that have been lost due to "progress". I'm not entirely sure but I think the Hamm family is one in the same as the Hamm's beer company...which is also gone. Although, I still can remember the theme song as well as Hamm's bear from the TV ads...I may be aging myself with that declaration.

1 comment:

Loffland said...

It turned out great. You really should put the pictures in the ABC house tip in folder.

I love your work. I made sure E gave me one of your pages!


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