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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rearrranging and organizing

I haven't been able to be creative since we did some rearranging of furniture through the house. We call it the grand rotation of the crap. We never seem to get rid of any, it just moves to another room of the house.

I had to clean off the desk that went to the family room for the kids to work at...hence, the big pile on my workstation and chair and floor....

The light colored piece in the lower right is an old TV stand that was in DH office for lack of a better place. It should provide me more storage in the long run as soon as I figure out how to utilize it.

Hopefully I can get everything sorted out over the long holiday weekend so I can get back to being creative.

Here's how it looked the last time I organized.

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Robin in Las Vegas said...

I love your blog and you have a new subscriber! I have to tell ya, I am way new to anything artistic, only learned about this in May! I am never able to "be creative" because when I try, it just doesn't work out. I have read from other artists that even if you are not being creative that day, create one thing anyway. It can be a small thing! This will jump start your art back into shape. I know when I "try" to make it work it comes out like poo (as shown on my bloopers page) but when I stop thinking and just do it, magic happens. Hope to see some of your art soon!

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