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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet deal but now what?!?

I happened upon this awesome tray in the 90% off Christmas clearance at Super Target yesterday.

Who can pass it up at that price!

I love the tray but now what do I put in it?

It's 16 inches square and the sides are about 2 inches high.

Any decorators out there?



~~Kristal~~ said...

HI !! Here is an idea for you.. I would either collage it or make a multi media piece for your wall and use this as the frame. It would look very good as a focal piece. Hope this helps some.. :-)


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Well, Halle, now that I know what you want to use it for, here are a few suggestions in writing. Make the tray the focal point of a buffet, side table, or other dedicated spot. The coffee table may not be the best place for it, since it should be seen at eye level more than looking down on it.

Choose simple vignettes depicting each holiday, month, or special occasion. Get the kids involved. Make it their project. Have one theme you can go back to after the event, holiday, etc. has passed. Use a large pillar or 3 flame candle as the focal point when you don't have a central image. If you have a central image (such as flags or hearts in a pot), remove the candle so it doesn't compete with the overall image. If you want candles at that point, use one candlestick and taper candle, or two candlesticks grouped together that are different heights. Always make your central image the one people plant their eye on when they first see the piece.

In winter, you can lay pieces of evergreen on the base of the tray. You don't want to cover up the base, just make it so the central image on the tray isn't floating on it. In summer, use leaves, shells, or other natural materials. For fall, look for pine cones, etc.

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