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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Circles into clovers and mountains.

I'm sad...I only had on person even ventured a guess at what the heck I'm making.

Ok...I'm over it. Comments and questions are always appreciated though!

I'm in the painstaking process of making another quilt like this.

The one I'm working on will be a little larger than the first... YIKES! That one was quite a challenge to sew at the end stages for me.

Each circle is drawn around a kids plastic plate then hand cut with a scissors. Then the sewing lines have to be drawn on with a template. Please if anyone knows a speeder technique, let me know!!

I'll need to start cutting all the fabric squares to place in the Cathedral windows shortly. This is what I believe to be a variation of the Cathedral window quilt pattern. What I like about it is that it finishes both sides at the same time!!

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