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Friday, March 12, 2010

Domestic duties...

Lately I've been doing a lot of "fix-it-up" type of work instead of art. Such as a cover for our game table.  This table is a white tile top table that we have had for a very long time. A kitchen table in the family room just doesn't fit in, so a functional cover was needed.

I bought some table padding  and green flannel at the fabric store. The grommets and ribbon to fasten it down were an afterthought. I was originally thinking that I'd use elastic like fitted bed bedsheets but I soon realized I was mistaken. That would have allowed too much shifting of the fabric.

I've also sewn some curtains for an awkward cubby area and a matching curtain for the stairwell. Seems odd if you don't own a split level home but the heat rises up the stairwell shutting off the thermostat therefore making the lower levels very chilly.  The curtain solves the problem. Thanks to my "always thinking" husband for that one!!
BTW--the fabric was from my folks house...the green fit with the carpet so I went with it...no cost solution... Awesome!

Today, I felt I had to have a break from all my domestic duties so, I started a painting...not sure what it will turn into but here is the work in progress.

Stay tuned...you never know where it will go with me. I've been known to scrap the whole thing, spread gesso and start over...


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Now I see what you meant when you described your grommets. You really have been domestically busy. It's good that you are so good at it. I could never make anything even as simple as a curtain. I'm domestically challenged, so I adore these posts.

Ingrid Dijkers said...

Aw yes, life goes on....All those other tasks we have to deal with. I like how you resolved the problems very artistically and yet found time to do a bit of painting for yourself!
Thanks for sharing,

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