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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Art Journal remake

A while back my good friend Elizabeth sent me one of her wonderful sewn art journals as a birthday gift.

You can see the first set of signatures here and the second set here.
She lamented over and over about how much she hated the cover she made for mine. She even told me that I should try and fix it.

I love the inside covers as much as she did but the covers were over-sized. We talked about how I might be able to salvage the insides while doing the remake.

Time passed...I did nothing.

But now I'm really wanting to start a journal so I figured I'd better listen to Elizabeth and refit the cover.

I carefully cut the "spine" from the rest of the cover salvaging as much as humanly possible of the gorgeous inside fabric.

Since I seem to have a thing for denim, it seemed the natural choice for a scrappy cover.


 As you can see I used Elizabeth fun hand-dyed fabric with pen pockets on the front inside cover.

And her even more impressive bird mono-print with pocket on the back cover.

I made a flower from the lace to cover the sewing of the closure strap and added a vintage button for interest. 

Now time to get writing...


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Way to go, HALLE. I'm so totally impressed that you were able to salvage the inside, and even more impressed with how well the outside fits now. I know it will be a much better journal and I'm SO glad you listened to me and redid the cover. The denim is even more sturdy and the whole cover is a far better fit. Now I hope you enjoy the pages as you write away in that "new" journal.

Dianne said...

wow, well done! love the denim...you will have so much fun using this journal!! will this be for art too, or just writing? I have to say, I love E's combinations of paper, fabric and envelopes...cool stuff to get your creativity flowing. have fun!

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