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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tea with gifts

I was a very fortunate girl this year. 
I received so many unexpected but certainly appreciated birthday gifts. 

The first which was an early gift from my in-laws. Its a floating tea infuser and birdie lemon squeezer.

The floating tea infuser works really slick! 

Cutting the lemon to fit in the birdie was a bit of fussy work but I can't complain about how nicely it squeezed all the juice right into the cup. 

The day before my birthday I opened a sweet little ATC book from my dear friend Elizabeth. 
Here's a link to the post she wrote that has wonderful scans of each page.  

Thanks Elizabeth!!!



My daughter made me this card...
The front said Guess what day it is?

Inside was a nibble of chocolate from her Easter candy stash and a coupon "good for one chore done by Little J" 
How sweet is that.


When we got home from shopping and picking up sushi...YUM!....I found this plant on the front step with with a note that said:
" Happy 40 day "  and was not signed.

Lucky for me my neighbor doesn't have a very good poker face, so when I asked if she had any idea who dropped it off, she gave her hubby away.

I also got a double-decker plate of Special K bars from a friend of the family who's know me from birth. I don't have a picture because I knew I had to share the wealth of those very quickly or I'd be spending extra time at Curves working them off my butt. The neighbors teenage boys helped devour them in short order.

Oh yeah and some spending money from my mom. WOO-HOO...who doesn't love cash!

Like I said, I was a very fortunate girl.

What are you doing today? 
I know I'm going to pop over to Kimmie's blog to have some virtual tea with my friends. 
Care to join us??



Yvonne said...

Happy birthday late! Looks like you have some nice friends. I love the tea infuser but especially love the bird lemon wedge squeezer. Neat! Have a good tea day! :)

~*~Patty S said...

Sounds and looks like a really fun time Halle

You richly deserve each and every treat!

The card from your dd is especially precious...I hope your birthday sparkles too :)
I kept those sorts of things from our boys and wrote the date on the backs of most of them...otherwise...well you know

Happy T Day to you too Missy!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
The lemon squeezer is adorable! Haven't seen one of those.

Your daughter's card is priceless. I'll take a coupon for a chore done any time!

And your neighbors are keepers!
Happy, Happy Day to you! Hope your birthday lingers.

Nancy said...

Sounds like a great B-day :) 40 is prime time!
Love that lemon squeezer, never seen one before!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That lemon squeezer is the find of a lifetime. I have a couple of infusers, but have never HEARD of a lemon slice squeezer. Too, too cute.

Little J did good. I thought she had written one "choc" for chocolate." Of course, right now I would take ANY chore as a gift (grin). Have a great Tea Tuesday and I hope your birthday was the very best, too.

kimmie said...

a fun birthday filled with sweetness and love! so happy for you :)


Margaret said...

Sounds like your day was just perfect! beauitful pressies from your dear family and friends, love the tea infuser, I've never seen one that floats before! fab! Mx

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

What fantastic gifts you received! Glad you were spoiled! :)

Marva said...

Happy belated birthday!!!

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