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Monday, July 23, 2012

Did someone say Roadtrip?!?

So my neighbor calls me Saturday morning and asks me to go on an adventure. She also had invited another neighbor on her adventure west. Shockingly, both of us said yes with 45 minutes notice...grabbed our kids and left.

Here's the back of the van after our travels.... back country gravel roads are very dry and dusty right now.

We drove about 2 hours west of here to her sisters farm. They were having an anniversary party and it's always "the more, the merrier" for their huge family.

Shortly after we got there it was decided that a few of us should go visit a brand new winery about 5 miles away....more gravel roads...

I sampled this wine and decide to buy a bottle so Mr. G could enjoy it as well since he was off on his own adventure for the day in another direction.  It's called Rockin' Coyote after all the coyote in the area that come out to serinade each night.

All the kids had a blast running and jumping across round bails of hay that were neatly set in rows. There were a few mis-steps but no injuries...only laughs.

After the eating and running off the calories we went on a hayride.

A whole gaggle of kids and a handful of adults hopped on a hayrack behind this tractor driven by the eldest son of our hosts.

It honestly was the longest hayride I've ever been on.....

We travelled around a "section"....

Later we found out a "section" is about a 5 mile fun but dusty trip....

We saw lots of crops...some horses...and the MN River Valley just below this farm.

My 90-some yr old uncle lives about 12 miles upriver of here. Such a beautiful area....

First English Lutheran Church

On the way home I wanted to drive through the town my dad spent his early years in. I thought I'd be able to pick out my Grandpa's church without a doubt.
Time has really aged it. It was kind of sad.
I didn't even stop to take a picture myself because I was so sure I must be mistaken.
I was the last baby my Grandpa ever baptized...and also his last grandchild. I have the baptizmal bowl from the fount that we all were baptized from. It's one of my treasures.

Here's a photo I found on Flickr from 2009.

All in all it was a fun spur of the moment 250 mile roundtrip adventure!!! I wish we had time to do more since we were in that "neck of the woods"...or prairie as the case may have been but there is always next time....



Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Awesome road trip!! Way to live girl! :)

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Looks like a fun road trip! Minnesota is such a beautiful state. My grandparents lived in Thief River (is there a "Falls" after that?) right after they came over from Norway, then they moved to Canton, S.D. It's fun to go back and visit places you knew as a child, except they don't usually look the same!

Cameron said...

What a fun adventure to take on spur of the moment! Sometimes saying "yes" is the only answer!

Wonderful photos :)

~*~Patty S said...

WOW Halle I so enjoyed you taking us along for your cool adventure...great photos...you make me want to visit

imagining coyotes filling the air with "song" each night

I think your family is lucky to have you care enough to be a keeper of things ... lovely about the baptismal font ... really special memories too!
p.s. oh and you all couldn't have "planned" that trip any better...spontaneous is always a fun way to go

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've had "take a hayride" on my "bucket list" for at least five years. I don't know anyone who can take me. You are one lucky gal. Lucky also that you kept the baptismal fount/bowl. And lucky that the kids had so much fun after you said yes to the invite. What a joyous day!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Spontaneous road trip, happy children and wine! xoxo

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