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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Flannel Ragtime Quilt


In my previous post I mentioned a quilt...my first quilt...that was made nearly 13 yrs ago. Long, long before I started blogging...probably even before blogs were a thing.
I made this quilt during little boy nap-times.
The front is warm tones and the back cool blues.

It's a perfect throw blanket on cold winter nights.
In fact, there is sometimes a fight over who gets to use this quilt when we are all watching TV because it's the best one to snuggle under.



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Now that's big girl sewing! As always, I'm impressed, especially with square corners, straight lines, and matched seams. No wonder I'll never be a seamstress! Also impressive is the fact it's been around so long and not fallen apart!

Becca said...

Oo pretty! I love rag quilts! I made a couple of small ones for my kitties a couple of years ago...it was fun, I should try one again!

Cameron said...

It is gorgeous, Halle....and I bet all soft worn from all the washings over the years! Yum!

Margaret said...

I LOVE your quilt, the colours are amazing front and back! I have blankets I made years ago, they remind me of a special time. Mx

~*~Patty S said...

I can see why everyone wants to snuggle under that beautiful quilt Halle!
It is really special and so pretty too!

I have some catching up to do after being away for a 4 day weekend...can't seem to catch up these days...tis the season I guess

Dianne said...

so adorable! I love that they 'fight' over who gets to use it... a beautiful extension of mommy's love!

Dianne said...

Hi again! I did another drawing for my give away, and you won! Not sure I still have your address, so please email me with your snail mail.

kimmie said...

I've begun collecting men's flannel shirts at the thrift store to make something just like this! I love how it looks after many washings ..... Beautiful quilt Halle!

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