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Friday, April 18, 2008

Long term swap

I had decided I wasn't going to sign up for anymore swaps that I had to make multiples of the exact same page again..at least for quite some time. My friend Theresa came up a long term swap that will eventually end up with a rainbow of colors. I was still reluctant to join until she said it was okay for each of the pages to be different.

I will keep 1 square from each set and the others will be part of the 5 for5 swap. In the end I'll have 6 pages of each color. It will be a very chunky book.
From the purple set I'll be keeping the page with the flowers and my name pin on it.
I'm torn with the blue pages...I'd like to keep 3 of them. I've got time before sending them to mull it over.

Which blue page is your favorite?


Crafty Green Poet said...

these are beautiful, so creative and well designed. I wouldn't be able to choose a favourite blue page, they're all so lovely

Bee said...

These are lovely and what a fun way to recycle.

shauna said...

They are all beautiful but I think my favorite blue page is the one with the paint chip! I love purple in general too much to pick one there! I agree with you though, about swaps with a bunch of the exact same! I don't like doing that! Some people make copies but I don't like that either because you lose the texture and even if you go ahead and add some embellishments to each one, they sometimes look like an afterthought when everything else is just flat. Anyway, your pages are lovely!

purplepaint said...

Oh these are all wonderful! On the blues - I like the one with the postage stamps the best (I collect stamps) and then the Bingo card one next. I bet this was fun to do! Marva

Jennifer Conway said...

What a great idea for a swap (rainbow)! I like all the blues - but if I had to choose, the postage stamps would be my pick!

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