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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bleach anyone?

After pulling my tired old black T-shirt out of the wash last night I noticed the color wasn't true black anymore. What's a girl to do? WELL DUH....alter it!

I'd watched a segment on Creative Juice that used gel dishwasher detergent with bleach to stamp on t-shirts. I don't use that stuff but had a bleach pen. I just squirted some out on a yogurt lid and used foam stamps for my images. After the bleach completely dried, I washed and dried it as usual.

My little girl was amazed by the nearly instant bleaching. "Mommy, can you do that to one of my shirts?" Absolutely!


Simone said...

That is cool! A pokemon stencil for the kid t-shirt perhaps?

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Pretty cool t-shirt. Pretty cool model, too!

Ingrid Dijkers said...

Very wonderful! Great job...might have to try that to a few of my T-shirts! Thanks for sharing!

Yvonne said...

That shirt came out great! I have done bleach discharging but never like that. Wow.

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