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Monday, September 14, 2009

What on Earth...

Imagine yourself carrying about your business when a rumble begins.

It slowly builds.

At first you think it must be a small group of motorcycles.

Then the rumble intensifies and continues.

Curiosity gets the better of your and you drop what your doing and walk through the woods to find this sight...

Hundreds. Seriously, hundreds of motorcycles cruising their way north. Of course, at the time we had no way of knowing what the heck is going on . It gave me goose bumps. I knew it must be something significant....

After returning home I looked up the website shown on the back of the case car trailer and found that this group was on an annual ride in tribute to our brave solders who lay their lives on the line each and everyday in service to our country.

I can't tell you what an amazing sight it was to see...too feel the rumble of all those bikes. It was fun when the bikers noticed us through the woods...they started honking and waving when they saw me with my camera. Of course, I was too caught up in the moment to capture all that.

1 comment:

purplepaint said...

Hi Halle - oh how cool! That's neat that they do that! Marva

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