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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too hot for Tea

Much to my surprise this morning this is what I saw when I pulled open the shades.

Can we say humid!?!  That condensation is on the OUTSIDE of our windows. It's not even like we run our A/C very cool...it's just that thick out there.

("mini-me" says I look like a deer in this photo...I don't see it.)

Through the patio door we can usually see the kids playset...now just the yellow blob of the slide.

Keeping my fingers crossed that lacrosse will be cancelled again tonight. To dangerous to practice in this heat for anyone...much less kids.

Stop by Kimmies if you'd like to visit more bloggers hosting tea today.


~*~Patty S said...

great photos Halle and I thought it was humid here in VA...GOSH!

I too hope you get to stay in A/C...I do not function well in the heat and have been skipping hot tea too first thing in the am

Happy Tuesday
you all Stay Cool (smiling at "mini me")

ooglebloops said...

Did you see Patty (above)'s rusty post?? Rainy and humid here - but hot tea indoors, iced tea when outdoors for me!!!LOL Drop by if you get a chance!!

Yvonne said...

Humid here too, always. Friends from Calif. who live in 6% humidity can hardly stand our 54%. I guess I'm used to it.
Have a good tea day!

Suz said...

Oh, my! Those are great pictures but too close to home!!! You don't live in Minnesota, do you? I am enjoying the Tea Tuesdays and have another alternative on my blog, but, then, it's too hot for that, too!

*jean* said...

me too, halle, all of our windows are covered in water...and my neighbor was watering his lawn today with sprinklers!! can you imagine that? maybe he has heat stroke...happy t day, hope lacrosse is cancelled!!!

Nancy said...

Now that's humid :) looking like a jungle out there!
Hope your tea day is going well, thanks for all the lovely comments when you come to my blog, I never seem to get my thank-yous emailed :)

Margaret said...

very tropical looking pics! condensation on the outside!! wow that is some heat, stay cool! Mx

La Dolce Vita said...

wow and I thought it was hot here!! oh my stay cool and ice that tea!!

Jill said...

I think your elbow is the nose if I'm seeing the deer that is :) sheesh, I hate this weather!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I thought I left a comment before I went to the grocery store, but it looks like I came to yourr blog, then left the house. Wow, it is even more humid there than here. I remember that humidity from the time I flew into your airport. It is stifeling.

kimmie said...

Ok that is scary ... is it like a greenhouse? As in greenhouse gases? I wonder if people are changing their minds about GW with this month long heat wave. Sorry to rant, especially if you're not on my side of the fence .... Anyhow ... Beautiful photos ... I love the ethereal look ... And I can almost see a deer :)

Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

kimmie said...

Oh now I see your carbon neutral badge (lol)

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