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Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm back....

from my computer woes to say.... 
I'm proud of our girl
Don't get me wrong...I love them both equally but I had some special things to share from Little J. 
She took a ceramic class this summer and we were able to pick everything up just before my computer hiccups. 

She actually had a couple other pieces but I'm really not sure where she stashed them. Unfortunately, she has my "creative bent" for organizing....

The black glazed piece was the first...she said it's to fill Gracie's water bowl. Isn't that sweet...too bad it takes 3 fills to do the job. 

She got to use a pottery wheel...I'm quite jealous! That is something I want to do sometime. Need to just dive in and take a class. 

This was her 1st bowl on her own.

This was her second....

This one I love because of the swirl in the bottom and that she made a lid that sits nicely on top completely by accident. 

Yes we spent a week driving 30 mins one way out into the country each day for a 2 hour class but I was totally worth the joy on her face. She told the instructor that she was looking forward to next summer when we picked up the pieces the following week. 

My other thing I that just had to mention as long as I'm singing the praises of my second born is late in coming. She got her hair cut for Locks of Love for the second time way back in June.  

Here's the before:

And the after with 10 inches cut off:

Cutest haircut ever!! 
Perfect for a hot, hot summer such as this one.



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, Little J is really taking crafts seriously. I also have wanted to throw a pot or two, but never had the chance or the wheel to do so.

J's hair is so cute. If she or Big J needs a trim or cut, I saw JC Penney is giving free hair cuts all of August.

kimmie said...

Super cute post! I love the pots .... Pretty glazing too ... Sounds like it was a great class!! And Big J's haircut makes her look so grownup! I love Locks of Love :)

~*~Patty S said...

such a precious post Halle,

your girl gave a very special gift of her beautiful golden locks!

she made some wonderful pottery pieces ...
that turquoise/teal glaze really speaks to too!

Misty Mawn covers "pottery/clay" in her on line workshop ... definitely something new for me

Happy August ... looks like you all are having fun!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Cool pottery! Love the black piece!!! I took a one day class (two different years) to play and make some pottery and loved it...wish they had it available more often!

Such a wonderful thing to do...donating hair to someone else that could use it. And yep...the haircut is super duper cute!

Dianne said...

Oh, I just love handmade pottery! and I KNOW that using the potter's wheel is not easy, so Bravo! terrific color of glaze too. well done! and what gorgeous hair your daughter has and the haircut is indeed cute! Locks of Love is a terrific project...my daughter did it a couple of times as an adult. takes forever to grow the last couple of inches in length it seems...and then what relief to get it cut... have a great few days left of summer!

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