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Friday, August 17, 2012

Sewing, gardening and painting

Not necessarily in that order. 
Or maybe I should have called this my 
late summer catch-up post.
Regardless of title...

I found a few fun garage sale deals this summer. Mostly storage items that had seen better days...such as a set of two copper canisters.  
Only one pictured. 
Not sure why,  other than laziness on my part.

I soaked all the black paint off using my favorite product Sol-u-mel and a scrubby pad. 
After carefully taping the rims of the copper tin where the lid fits down over, I gave them new life. 
The color is "celery". Not my first choice but what can a girl do when free is the price.  
Thank you County Reuse Center. 
The black I had on hand...although now I am out. Good colors like that don't generally end up at the recycle center.

Aside from painting the tins and a little bit of the lawn...oops...over-spray,
I've been sewing a lot!!

We've had a hot summer here in MN. Ways to stay cool are in high demand. 
If you may recall back at the 4th of July, I made a bunch of neck cooling wraps for the days festivities.

I carry a zipper bag of them with me all the time now because you wouldn't believe how often it has come up in conversation. 
People asking if I know where to get them.  Well yes, in fact, I do!  *grin*

In addition, I've been gardening. 
My green beans have been a disappointment this year, especially if compared to last years bumper crop.

My tomatoes are really starting to ripen and are oh so yummy.

Labor Day is quickly approaching...the kids head off to school the next day. 
It's bittersweet for me. 
I like the extra freedom I am allowed but I honestly miss them not being around. 
I won't miss the bickering or tattling. Geesh, when will that end?!?!
The homework, the early mornings and activities add a different layer that always takes a bit of adjustment as well. I've started my list of  "projects" to tackle once my time is mostly my own again. 

Until then...I'll be around haphazardly....
sometimes posting...sometimes silent.

No worries...I haven't gotten lost. 
Just soaking up the remainder of summer with the family.



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

At least you have tomatoes. All I have are little yellow flowers. Learned it is too hot for these to put on fruit.

Isn't the recycle center fantastic? I hope to go to mine once it cools a bit. Hope things slow down a bit for you, after school starts, dear.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

You are very handy with a spray can! Not everyone can get as nice even coat as you did, looks really nice and, now, very useful. This is BLT time! We are living on them with corn on the cob....oh, yum. The little yellow ones are sweet like candy...I eat most of them right off the vine, they never make it into the house.

~*~Patty S said...

brilliant transformation with the rescued canister = WOW Halle!

there is something really special about lazy summer days even if they are busy in other ways ... it is easier to not set the alarm clock and the different pace is a pleasure

but having more "you" time is a good thing too!

just read where green beans in your juicer is a healthy thing and a few go a long way ... sooo

we tried Carrot, Cauliflower (didn't even know it had juice hah!) and parsley in the J LaLane...it was really good and also has some great health properties which goes without saying about fresh juices I guess ;)

Stay cool jewel!
p.s. I decided because of a bum toe to start drinking the vinegar...BUT I definitely added a little honey which made it go down smoothly :)

Margaret said...

what an amazing transformation, I had to scroll back to make sure you were still talking about the first pic!
Getting in the groove again certainly takes a bit of time, the kids went back yesterday and I'm all over the place, so many things to do when I re-find the motivation to do them! Mx

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

I wouldn't of known it was the same container...the end result looks fantastic! Great idea to carry those neck cooling wraps with you! :)
Our garden is pretty lousy compared to other years...guess mother nature showed me whose boss! LOL! Enjoy the rest of the summer...tell your kiddos they are lucky to start school so late. We went back August 1st!

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