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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goodbye Daddy...

This is the last photo I have of him. I took it last fall on Labor Day when the kids and I were visiting him at the nursing home.

In an email update to family and friends yesterday I said:  

"He is ready...he's been ready...it's time for him to go HOME where he can have peace. It's hard but I can't stand to see him locked inside a body and mind that's betrayed him anymore."

He is free now!

I love you Daddy...rest in peace.

"Obie" 1927-2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Am I doing anything special to celebrate Earth day...not really. Every day I try to be eco-friendly. I'm not perfect by any stretch but I do give thought to the products I use and the packaging it comes in.

I heard the other day that Minnesota is #2 in recycling in the nation! I'm so glad I have such great curbside recycling. I found out last week our county environmental center is now taking yogurt ( #5 ) cups at their site. Have to start a box for those that I don't recycle into paint cups and seed starters.

I love to recycle clothing and housewares into other usable objects.  Below are a few examples of my recycled or maybe "up-cycled" projects. We have sweater hats, a t-shirt pillow, jeans quilt, bags from a denim slipcover and tablecloth, quilt from jeans and flannel shirts and a fabric bowl from dress shirts.

What are doing to celebrate Earth Day? 

I'm also going to be wishing my good friend Elizabeth a very Happy Birthday! Hop on over to her blog to wish her a Happy Birthday and a chance at a  fabulous giveaway!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A sweet bouquet

Look at the beautiful flowers my loving husband brought home me yesterday. It was our 16th wedding anniversary.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garden update

The seeds I started a while back are coming along quite nicely. Not everything sprouted, just as I suspected. That's fine. The plants that I really wanted did. I'll have to buy a couple small red tomato plants and a couple peppers. Or possibly trade someone for other plants. We'll see...

 I've been wishing for a planter box along the deck. My husband finished it up this past week. We are hopeful that it will produce more on the plants than my old container garden. The cedar lumber and weed block that lines the box cost us nothing, which is awesome! We did have to purchase dirt, of course.
I've been setting my seedlings outside for a few hours a day to get them used to being out in the elements. I've never tried that before but heard that it's a good idea.

I'm going to be really interested to see what colors the petunia seeds produce. I've heard that collected seeds from hybrids don't always produce the color of the parent plant.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Handmade book

I've thought about making a book like this for a long time. I wanted to to look time worn.   

My first experiment was to put a stack of printer paper into a glass pan and fill it with instant coffee and warm water. I sprinkled grounds between some pages as well. The next day I poured off the water and let it sit. Eventually I began separating the pages. Each one has a unique look and texture. Just what I was looking for.

Some of the pages are slightly torn and darkened. Scrumptious!

For the cover and end pages, I used a suede jacket that had seen better days.

I'd like to do a little more with the cover of the book but for now I'm satisfied.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thrifted treasures

One of my favorite thrift stores up and closed on me a few months back. I was shocked when I pulled up to an empty lot. Luckily I got out and read the sign. Closed! Moving to new location in April. Well, glory be...that new location happens to be MUCH closer to my house!

They opened their doors on Tuesday in the new, larger, more convenient location. I finally made it there today. I bought more than I usually do but I guess I was having withdrawals. With no thrift store and weather too cold for garage sales, its enough to give a girl fits.

But what is that I see...a garage sale sign! Hooray!

I got everything at the thrift store with the exception the pink bag of crafty goodness that came from a garage sale.

Nature AB page

I've been struggling with allergies this week. Haven't gotten much on my "to-do" list accomplished.

I did sit down and create this yet untitled bird page.

I also started a couple other pieces. Not sure where the others will lead.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Natural Egg Dye

This my 3rd year using this technique. It never ceases to amaze me that each time I get different results!

This year I used:
  • red cabbage which gave me the acid washed denim look
  • beets gave me the rust color
  • fresh cilantro and thyme gave me the bright yellow/citron color
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