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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Think pink!

So I've been working on the back sides of my red, yellow and pink squares today. I was wanting to put some ribbon on and after looping it over it hit me!

Little pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness.

My mom is a 40 year survivor...she had a radical mastectomy in 1968. I'm thankful that she did her own self exam and discovered the lump. If she hadn't, she wouldn't have lived long enough to meet and marry my dad much less give birth to me.

Remember to do your self exams and follow your doctors orders for get mammograms on schedule. I've been getting mammograms every other year since I was 26. It's quick, easy and totally worth the brief discomfort.

I will now step down off my soap box.

Red 4x4's finished

Boy these red ones took longer than I had expected. Not sure why red was difficult but it certainly was! I just have green, black and white. Theresa said we can combine the black and white. I'm going to give doing them separately a try first.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pink and Yellow

I've been jammin' on these squares. I'm pretty determined to get them all completed before the first mailing date. This will serve several purposes including saving postage, freeing me up for other projects and most of all, not forgetting until the last minute. I'm usually not that forgetful but my mind has been REALLY scattered lately. Forgot my purse one day and my workout shoes the next. Must be that birthday sneaking up on me.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brown and Orange

I've completed the next 2 colors in my long term swap. I love that I get to use up scraps and the little bits and bobbles I've collected over time. It's really stretching me creatively too...coming up with so many unique designs.

I haven't decided which one of each color I'll be keeping yet.

Any opinions?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

What did you do today to be a little greener?

Unfortunately, I had to drive the kids to school in 2 different directions. That will be ending very soon...thank goodness. It's just so frustrating but at least it's just 2 days a week. I also combine all my errands with these days so I'm not out there driving past the place I'll need to stop tomorrow. This also saves wear and tear on the vehicle...hubby is an Auto Tech...he preaches this point to me regularly. (love you honey)

I did bring my tote bags to the grocery store to carry home my goods.

On Friday or Saturday we'll be getting our 1/4 of beef. Buying local...less packaging...less expensive...it's all good. Plus, I love having all those butcher wrapped packages in the freezer just waiting for me to cook. Last year we got a side of beef...that was TOO MUCH! We still have some roasts and ground beef.

If you want to see how I recycle in my art, check this out.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Long term swap

I had decided I wasn't going to sign up for anymore swaps that I had to make multiples of the exact same page again..at least for quite some time. My friend Theresa came up a long term swap that will eventually end up with a rainbow of colors. I was still reluctant to join until she said it was okay for each of the pages to be different.

I will keep 1 square from each set and the others will be part of the 5 for5 swap. In the end I'll have 6 pages of each color. It will be a very chunky book.
From the purple set I'll be keeping the page with the flowers and my name pin on it.
I'm torn with the blue pages...I'd like to keep 3 of them. I've got time before sending them to mull it over.

Which blue page is your favorite?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Morse Code Key

My father-in-law passed down this key from his Navy days to our son. It just screamed at me to make something with it.

I put machine screws into the wood so that the key is not permanently attached. Boy, am I glad of that!!! I know have a completely different concept brewing my my head.

We'll see how my hubby likes this piece...if he LOVES it I'll likely leave it alone but if not....I'm starting work on my other concept.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cards, puzzle, and book..oh my!

I've been saving the wrappers from my chocolate indulgence.
The Chocolove bar is my favorite!

Spring is a busy time for Birthdays aournd here. This is the card I gave to my hubby last week. We are getting to the age that celebrating getting another year closer to middle age isn't anything to celebrate.

I'm planning on ART-ing(act of random thoughtfulness) with the puzzle piece. So it's a secret...SSSHHH!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

"1000 Jewelry Inspirations"

I just got word that the book my bracelet is published in is on Amazon for pre-order.

As far as I can tell my bracelet didn't make the cover shot. It was sent off with 49 other pieces as to be photographed for possible cover shots. Bummer. I'm certainly not going to complain though!! It just would have been the super sweet icing on the cake to be on the cover as well!

Altered pages

I quickly whipped up some pages this morning while I had some time all to myself! These pages are to help fill out a couple of books started with tip-ins.

These first three are for a Quotes book.

These two are for a Patriotic Tip-in book.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Good Old Rock, Rhythm & Blues

I finally got a chance to be creative! Both kiddos are in school today!!!!!! I even have the little one staying through lunch so I can have a little me time.

This is the second spread for the music themed book I'm working in for a round robin.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Anniversary circles

This is not my first attempt at these CD size circles. I've actually been rethinking my prototype for at least a week, although I'm pretty sure that this will be the final product.
These are for the ABC 5th Anniversary Circle swap.

Given the fact that I have until June to complete them and can make as many sets as I please...this likely won't be the last. Stay tuned...
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