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Monday, August 27, 2012

Another nature page

Hey I'm on a roll. 
Two pages in 2 days...amazing.

Not much room left in the book. 

I still need to figure out the niche part...what I'm going to put in it...what I'm going to put in it to be exact. 
In hindsight, I didn't really make it deep enough .


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beauty of nature

I was inspired to pull out the book I used for my friend Elizabeth's AB 101 class I took several years ago. 
I never did complete the class. I figure I can join back in where I left off since she's currently reteaching the class for free on her blog

My altered book theme is Nature.

It was so fun to play in paint and glue again. I have to keep at it since it makes me feel so carefree.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gifts and treasure

We had a nice family get away around Lake Superior. 
First we went to relatives house in Wisconsin. They just moved into a new house. We wanted to bring them a housewarming gift.  I decided on some coasters...bigger house...more guests...more need for coasters right?!?

In addition, they are also big Green Bay Packers fans. 
Since Mr. G makes these great dice trays for games, we thought it would be fun to customize one a for a couple of our favorite Cheeseheads.  
I think it turned out great!

After a wonderful day and night in Wisconsin, we traveled back into Minnesota to stay in Canal Park, Duluth.

Little J and I could hardly wait to start sifting through the rocks in search of sea glass like we found last year

The sea glass from last year is in the little bottle. We definitely did much better this year. The whole family got involved at one point. It's so addicting...like treasure hunting. In my eyes it is treasure!!!

Some of the bigger pieces...which are still smaller than a bottle cap...I'm going to attempt some jewelry. 


Friday, August 17, 2012

Sewing, gardening and painting

Not necessarily in that order. 
Or maybe I should have called this my 
late summer catch-up post.
Regardless of title...

I found a few fun garage sale deals this summer. Mostly storage items that had seen better days...such as a set of two copper canisters.  
Only one pictured. 
Not sure why,  other than laziness on my part.

I soaked all the black paint off using my favorite product Sol-u-mel and a scrubby pad. 
After carefully taping the rims of the copper tin where the lid fits down over, I gave them new life. 
The color is "celery". Not my first choice but what can a girl do when free is the price.  
Thank you County Reuse Center. 
The black I had on hand...although now I am out. Good colors like that don't generally end up at the recycle center.

Aside from painting the tins and a little bit of the lawn...oops...over-spray,
I've been sewing a lot!!

We've had a hot summer here in MN. Ways to stay cool are in high demand. 
If you may recall back at the 4th of July, I made a bunch of neck cooling wraps for the days festivities.

I carry a zipper bag of them with me all the time now because you wouldn't believe how often it has come up in conversation. 
People asking if I know where to get them.  Well yes, in fact, I do!  *grin*

In addition, I've been gardening. 
My green beans have been a disappointment this year, especially if compared to last years bumper crop.

My tomatoes are really starting to ripen and are oh so yummy.

Labor Day is quickly approaching...the kids head off to school the next day. 
It's bittersweet for me. 
I like the extra freedom I am allowed but I honestly miss them not being around. 
I won't miss the bickering or tattling. Geesh, when will that end?!?!
The homework, the early mornings and activities add a different layer that always takes a bit of adjustment as well. I've started my list of  "projects" to tackle once my time is mostly my own again. 

Until then...I'll be around haphazardly....
sometimes posting...sometimes silent.

No worries...I haven't gotten lost. 
Just soaking up the remainder of summer with the family.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Card crazy

This summer I have been so "not creative". Yes, I have done a few things but they were more utilitarian that artsy. More on those in later post. I've missed it and I think a bit of that creative energy just had to come out.

I made 7 cards in short order mostly from scraps.

Hopefully the creative energy will continue...or at least kick in big time after Labor Day when the kids are back in school. Until then I'm still trying to soak up as much "mom time" as I can with them.


Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm back....

from my computer woes to say.... 
I'm proud of our girl
Don't get me wrong...I love them both equally but I had some special things to share from Little J. 
She took a ceramic class this summer and we were able to pick everything up just before my computer hiccups. 

She actually had a couple other pieces but I'm really not sure where she stashed them. Unfortunately, she has my "creative bent" for organizing....

The black glazed piece was the first...she said it's to fill Gracie's water bowl. Isn't that sweet...too bad it takes 3 fills to do the job. 

She got to use a pottery wheel...I'm quite jealous! That is something I want to do sometime. Need to just dive in and take a class. 

This was her 1st bowl on her own.

This was her second....

This one I love because of the swirl in the bottom and that she made a lid that sits nicely on top completely by accident. 

Yes we spent a week driving 30 mins one way out into the country each day for a 2 hour class but I was totally worth the joy on her face. She told the instructor that she was looking forward to next summer when we picked up the pieces the following week. 

My other thing I that just had to mention as long as I'm singing the praises of my second born is late in coming. She got her hair cut for Locks of Love for the second time way back in June.  

Here's the before:

And the after with 10 inches cut off:

Cutest haircut ever!! 
Perfect for a hot, hot summer such as this one.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Excuse the interuption

I got a new computer and didn't realized the extent of stuff that I left on the old one!!!

You think that you write a comprehensive list and then you open Photoshop and realize....crud....you didn't think of anything crucial to blogging or digital art at all!! I don't even have my Papyrus font I like to use as my watermark. GRRR!!!! 
 I even had stuff to show you but things are just too messed up right now.
Instead I'll share with you something I found written by Little J a couple years ago.
I keep this photo at the ready in my files for anytime I need a pick me up.

Be back soon...hopefully...
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