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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sneak peek

Here's a peek at the start of my latest sewing project.

The circles are all recycled clothing.

Any guess what it will be?

I just love this close-up of the stack of colors.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Revamped Art Zone

Recently, I was asked about my craft area. Did I have my own room? How do you handle storage? Lighting?
Here's a glimpse into my world.

My art space has gone through several transformations.

Above is the view from utility portion of the space. My back is pressed against the water heater as I took the picture.

This area has remained mostly unchanged. I have TONS of stuff within reach when I sit in the "command chair". I use the cute Chicks Rule bucket to hold my scraps. My little girl was kind enough to let me use it. Thanks sweetie!
I have a small florescent fixture that hangs for direct task lighting. There is also a large florescent fixture smack in the middle of the room that provides light but since it's behind me when I work, I tend to create a shadow for myself. Fabulous...

I love my Pampered Chef tool organizer. I know it's meant for kitchen stuff but it is perfect for all my "go-to" items. I use a self-healing cutting mat to protect my counter top. The stamp pad and ribbon storage rack was bought on eBay a couple years ago. Can't image what I did without it!

This cabinet was the latest piece we added to the space. I sold the old TV stand that was here to make room for this.

Now I have a standing working surface as well!! I love it.

Look at the rolling shelves! Awesome storage!

My husband put up this cabinet several years ago to help control my creative clutter. I have it jammed full as well. Although, I do know where every single thing is!

This is how I store my 12x12 scrapbook papers. Not the prettiest system but it works for me. Your eyes do not deceive you either...yet another storage piece under the counter top. It's on wheels so I can pull it out to store my sewing machine behind it when not in use. I didn't take a picture but there is also a tiny 2 shelf bookcase under the counter. It was way to messy for a photo.

The large orange file cabinet is also "new". To me at least. It came from my folks place along with the cabinet. The top 2 drawers just boring administrative stuff.
Oh, did I mention my craft area is in the laundry room... The dryer makes a great spot for my guillotine cutter.

But the bottom one holds all my scrap sorted by color and other ephemera.

Well, that's probably more than you ever cared to know about where I work. Now I should probably start using my space instead of just talking about it!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Treasure box

I have no idea what or how or even IF I'm going to use any of these items but I put them all together in my own little treasure box.

Just look at the tiny little glasses! Real glass lenses.

An itty-bitty sterling silver spoon...

A mini pocket knife.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spoon pendant

I've been finding all kinds of interesting little treasures lately. Such as a sterling spoon that had no handle. I put the stub of the handle in the vise and slowly started working it into a loop.

I love steampunk so I used some gears and the heart goes with the word LOVE. The heart is from an earring. Next time I try something like this I want to use resin. This was Diamond Glaze, which I'm pretty sure isn't supposed to be used as I tried.

It is a fun little piece though. No mistakes... just opportunities to learn.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flower Grunge

Feeling the need to do something creative, I cleaned off my workspace and grabbed my pile of book text scraps. The substrate is cardboard packaging that I obsessively save.

I decided to try out my UHU glue stic for this experiment. I knew I wanted to play with my watercolor crayons but have had issues with other glues releasing the papers from the substrate after getting wet. While wet there was a slight amount of lifting or warping but to my great delight, it dried completely flat! I believe I have found a new glue for this technique.

I'm loving the layered look. I used watercolor crayons, paint, correction pen, metallic marker, colored pencil, China crayon and rubber stamps on this piece.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wine Art

I found these bowls at my folks house and asked if I could have them. I didn't mention what I intended to do with them. I'm guessing I wouldn't have been given the blessing to take them if mom had known I'd be breaking them.

I put on a face shield and went to work over the outside garbage can with my tile nippers. Cutting up dishes is a messy job!

I started with the Merlot bowl since we don't like Merlot. It was my trial piece. I was able to figure out how the bowl would break without ruining the ones I intended to use.

I knew I wanted to use this frame.
It previously looked like this. It hung by the front door for several years but now my collage frame hangs in the spot. That meant it was time for a makeover.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thrift Store score!

I stopped by a local thrift store today looking for snow pants for my girl. No luck with those but I did make out like a bandit with some art supplies!

I got all you see for $6.50.

And before anyone asks...
No, I am not expecting another baby. Nor am I planning another wedding but I just couldn't pass up these clear stamps. The baby set has lots of words that can be used and it was only a buck! Besides...I have yet to complete the kids baby books. I promise they will be done by graduation. Or maybe their weddings or at least by the birth of their 1st child. Hopefully in that order...

I do still occasionally make cards so all the words will come in very handy! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Favorite things

I recently got to take home this lawyers bookcase that belonged to my paternal Grandpa. I've always loved the cabinet. As a child, it sat in our guest room. It was filled with shells my mom had collected from her travels.

I had something a little different in mind. I've filled it with my art and some of my favorite things that had been packed away until now.

Recognize the bowl? It's my handmade paper bowl. It's the perfect size for some favorite rocks and my mom's arrowhead collection.

This may look familiar. I use this is my avatar in Google.

This clock was one of first altered pieces. The swirl on top was hand carved by my husband's Grandmother. She is an amazing artist.

This was also a piece I made very early on in my artistic journey. It was my very first assemblage. The butterfly inside is another carving by Grandma Rose.

My Road Trip book always makes me smile. This was my second round robin altered book. It took the better part of a year to make it's way around the country before returning to me full of fun artwork.

The bookcase is ever changing in it's contents. I love to rearrange decorative elements in my house and am often drawn to using something totally unexpected for the space. I think it drives my husband a bit crazy at times. He'll just give me that "ok...if you really think that looks good" look.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm a UHU Gluer!!

I made the cut and am one of two new UHU Gluers!

What does that mean, you ask. (I heard you...)
It means I'm part of their design team.

**Doing the happy dance over here.**

I found out yesterday but have been waiting to say anything until my project and step-by-step instructions was posted on the UHU blog.

Thanks so much UHU for issuing the challenge. I'm looking forward to working with UHU for as long as they will have me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What I love about altered books

I love the slightly wavy pages from layers of paint, glue and 3D embellishments.

I love how the edges get all gunked up with various colors as I work through the book. Some could think this was a failure on my part to properly protect the other pages. To me it adds to the beauty.

Who could resist decorative edges?!? Not this girl.

I'm drawn to the way an altered book looks as it stands. It tends to pop open a bit so you get a little peek at what's inside. Delicious.

Monday, October 5, 2009


This is the latest page in my AB101 book. Still not back on track with working on the lessons I missed but there is lots of room left in the book.

These flowers were cut from a cute little hat my daughter wore. She completely wrecked it at some point and it was recently discovered under her bed. Hmmm... Wonder how it got there. Busted! The little stinker.

The journalling reads:
Free to dream, to reach for the sky.
May each and every one of us have that great opportunity set before us and have the strength to grab hold.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New art to share

Well, as much as I can share for now.

Stay tuned...

These are a bunch of thirft store frames that I attached together to form one large grouping. I then sprayed the whole unit black. Then the whole works sat in the storage room for WAY LONGER than I care to mention until today.

I put together some pictures I had laying around with a pressed flower piece I threw together and TA-DA, something new for the wall. See what happens when you have a cold and rainy day!!

ART NOW for Autism

I was not able to be an artist participant this year due to circumstances beyond my control but the cause is very close to my heart.

Announcing the opening of Art Now for Autism 2009.

An online exhibit and reverse auction benefiting autism awareness and research.

October 1-10, 2009


October 1-4 : Preview of Art.
Opens at 9am EST on October 1.
Art exhibit will be open online at www.artnowforautism.com.
All work will be viewable but not on sale.

October 5 & 6
Reverse Auction Opens AT 9AM EST.
All Art is $90

October 7 & 8
Unsold art drops to $60 at 9AM EST on Oct. 7.

October 9 & 10
Last two days.
Final price starts at 9AM EST on Oct. 9.
Any remaining art is $30

This year's exhibit includes the work of 89 artists from around the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Brazil, and the Netherlands. Included in this amazing list of artists are a number of artists with autism spectrum disorders. 160 pieces of fine art and craft are included in the exhibit. There is something for everyone!

Please help us spread the word about Art Now for Autism by forwarding, tweeting, posting, blogging, and talking about Art Now for Autism! Download the PDF flyer for this year’s exhibit.

100% of art sales will go to Autism Speaks through their National Walk Now for Autism Speaks event.

We appreciate your support! Any questions? Please email Claudine Intner, the organizer of Art Now for Autism at artnow@artnowforautism.com


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