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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Relief and sucess

After setting up my table at our local Curves on Friday evening, I felt a little sense of relief. 

The picture looks a bit odd because of one of the exercise machines behind my space.

Anyway...in the morning I made a few adjustments. 
No time for photos then. 
There was a steady stream of customers throughout the day.

It was a fun day...lots of time spent with great women as well as a wonderful learning experience for me. And I'm not going to lie, having a lit bit of cash at the end of the day is pretty sweet.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

It snowed!!

I absolutely love the first snow falling for the season...whether it "sticks" or not. 
It tells me that winter is on it's way. 


Spoken by a native Minnesotan 
and 100% Norwegian-American.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chaotic craft area

I've been in non-stop arts and crafts mode in preparation for this Saturday's craft sale. 

Haven't taken a moment to clean up 
Yes, that is my clothes dryer...
Don't judge me, the height is perfect for a workstation

I'm both nervous and excited.
So much so that I'm having 
those dreams....
you know the ones...
like the one when you're on your way to take a final the determines if you graduate 
and you can't find the way... 
or you forgot to study.... 
or you get there 5 minutes before the test is over.

I'm planning to do a test setup of my table display and make sure I have all my ducks in a row tomorrow.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bursting out the red and green

It's not too early, is it? 

The last paper bag book (previous post) I made had more of a vintage feel. 

For this one, I went with the typical red and green Christmas theme colors. 

It's filled with tags awaiting photos and memories.

I found some fun embellishments in my stash of goodies for the binding as well. 

Beads, bells and trinkets give it fun texture and movement.

I feel like I'm starting to get my mojo back. It must have been lost in the yard...all the raking must have brought her back to me.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall wreath for mom

The other day, my mom said that she wished she had a Fall colors wreath for her apartment door. 
I took it upon myself to get something made up for her.

I salvaged everything including the straw hat out of the Fall decor/costume box. 
I think she'll be  pleased.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apples, apples everywhere

On Saturday, a few families on the block got together to help harvest the apples from our neighbor's trees. 

It's a big job but the fruits of our labor really pay off.

This year 63 grocery bags of apples were picked.

The apples were all big and beautiful with very few blemishes or worms.

We took home about 6 bags worth. 

I set up shop in the garage so I could make a mess and not worry about it. 

Concrete washes quite nicely. 

 After countless hours of cranking the peeler, I ended up with 23 gallon size freezer bags of peeled and sliced apples ready for the next stage of processing.

So far I've dehydrated 10 trays of apples, 4 pans of apple crisp-ready to be thawed then baked and cooked up about 2.5 gallons of applesauce. 
And I still have a freezer full of bagged apples. 

I am going to have to can the rest of the applesauce I make since my freezer can't hold any more.

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