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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rocks and friendship

A favorite pastime is searching for fun rocks to add to our collections. Well...it's mostly our girl and I that can do this for hours on end. 

It was great to walk out from our hotel straight to the shoreline.

The shoreline at this part of the lake is rocky...not sandy. It kills my feet to walk on for any length of time even though the rocks have been worn smooth.

We brought home some treasures...

I don't think we got any agates...have a book on reserve at the library to help me identify.

We just picked ones that spoke to us. Such as penguin rockpyramid rock, a couple with faces and some with a ring slicing through. Others just said take me home like the stick.

My ultimate excitement was when I found sea glass!!! There were all small pieces but genuine sea glass none the less. 

There were several shades of green and clear as well as a blue and a piece of pottery or maybe milk glass?  I want to go back just to sit and sift through to find more. Sad but true.

I spotted this rock while hiking and had to grab a picture.
Such a funny face...


And now to the friendship part of my post....
My BFF is in town for a convention and we haven't seen each other in 17yrs!
I'm picking her up in a couple hours so we can spend the evening hanging out at our house until she leaves bright and early in the morning for home. 
I am so excited that I'm giddy!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

More truly lovely photos of your vacation. That sea glass spoke to me, too. I actually prefer the smaller glass because it can be used easier in altered art. And that rock is so, so funny.

It's great that you and your friend are able to get together. I'm so happy for you. I can only imagine the fun the two of you will have catching up after all these years.

Dianne said...

hope you and your bff have a terrific time together with lots of great memories and giggles! love the rock collection too, and the sea glass is so pretty...

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Some cool finds! I'm a tomboy at heart so I'm always picking up nature pieces! When hubby and I went to Indiana Dunes this year I got a nice piece of driftwood!

How fun to get to spend time with your friend! 17 years is a LONG time! Hope you have a marvelous get together!

~*~Patty S said...

Bet you had a great time with your friend...how special to get to spend time together again!

I am ponky for rocks too...what pretty colors and isn't there sometime about them when they're wet...they wink extra hard at you...nice smooth stick too!

that IS a lot of pretty sea glass...my CA sil knows lots about it...she has even been known to throw a bottle or two into the surf hoping for you know what down the road...gosh maybe that is supposed to be a secret ;)

great face rock...you make me want to head for the shore Halle any shore

In Krista's Kitchen said...

Have you ever seen the movie Return to Oz? It is ridiculously creepy (but good), and the rock face gave me flashbacks to it!

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