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Friday, September 26, 2008

Completed old projects..starting new

I finally bound some old tip-in and smaller size pages into one book this week.

I'm on a mission to finish all these UFO's (unfinished objects) I've started somewhere along the line.

I was chatting with a neighbor just this evening over the bonfire about memory and lack thereof. Is it Adult-ADD or short-term memory loss but whatever you want to call it...I've got it!!! Geez... I can't walk down the 2 sets of stairs to the basement and remember what the heck it was I went down there for!
OK...I think I'm on a tangent now....

My original point was...I have a ton of projects started or even nearly complete but never seem to tie up all my loose ends. THAT is my new mission.

With that said....haha...I have started a new project or more of a challenge. It's a call for art from Somerset Memories magazine. It can be either a group or an individual using ONE IMAGE to create a multitude of art. Of course since it will be up for submission I won't be showing what I've created until I've heard the news either way... I hope to get my projects in the mail next week for consideration.

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