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Monday, June 8, 2009

ABC 6th Anniversary swap

Each summer ABC_alteredbookclub celebrates the anniversary with a collaborative project. This is my 4th year participating.

My 1st year we did an alphabet themed chunky book.

The next year was another chunky book.

Last year we did something a little different. We made circles!

This year we are doing a skinny chunky book. Sounds weird, huh?!
I'm nearly finished with the whole swap. I cut out 28 of these 3x6 inch recycled cereal boxes. Only 25 are required for the swap but I wanted to make sure I had room for mistakes.

I sprayed them with black, brown and gold paint on the printed side of the cardboard. The back is sprayed with white, brown and gold.

I decided to mix a custom color of embossing powder since plain white seemed way to stark against the dark background. I mixed mostly white with a little gold, copper, black and jasper. I really like the slightly speckled effect.

I have 7 more to complete but I ran out of the beaded trim. Either my math skills failed me at the store or I was severely cheated.

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