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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bike bag

It was such an overcast, cold crumby day that I needed to find something to do in the house and I certainly didn't feel like cleaning today.

I made this bag to carry my "park-play" items. Water bottles, mini first aid kit with instant cold pack, my cell phone, sunscreen and sometimes a snack. I do still need to put a closure on the bag but haven't decided if I'll have the flap go inside or outside. I'll likely just use Velcro since it's quick and easy.

The denim is from another chair slipcover and the patchwork came in a bag of scraps I got in a free box at a sale.
Total cost of project: virtually nothing...just my time and a little electricity.

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Mary Emma Allen said...

Thanks, Halle, for stopping by my post, Making Quilts from Old Garments at Blisstree's Arts and Crafts section and leaviing a comment. I followed the link to your blog and have enjoyed browsing around. You do amazing things with recycled materials.

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