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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Late afternoon Tea Tuesday

Since I am so late today, I decided to answer Kimmie's, our sweet hostess, question with my post. 

She asked:

what is ever-present in your not so simple life?
off to the edge and not making it into every photo op and blog post?
This is the idyllic image I  show...beautiful crab apple blossoms, lovingly gathered by my own hand alongside an anniversary card from my in-laws. 
Lovely, right?

But this is the whole scene....

The seemingly ever present paper pile on the table. It gets moved from place to place but seldom ever fully dealt with. Right now there are dozens coupons, a community ed catalog that I really need to fill out registration forms for, a grocery list and kids school papers that need to be oohed and aahed over.

I like the first picture much better. :)


Yvonne said...

I know what you mean about paper piles. I have recently got more organized in my office/studio. I now have a Do now, Do later, pending and File piles. It helps a lot. I keep a basket for recycling papers right under my desk too. Happy tea day!

kimmie said...

I love that! And I actually like both pictures. The first is simply prettiness .... The second one has a story - a story we all know so well!
Beautiful lilacs too! None here just yet ....

Happy Tuesday!

~*~Patty S said...

Three cheers for cropping!
A smart friend that helped me set up my blog back in 07 told me that pretty much any/every photo can use a little cropping

that said your second photo looks not that messy at all...both pics are nice

your first photo is definitely fine tuned and extra pretty!

Hope you had a nice T on Tuesday dear Halle!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's amazing what a bit of cropping can do to a photo. I admit, the post I'm working on now, the I will show later in the week where Scott came for dinner on Sunday, has LOTS of cropping in almost every photo. The background was just too messy to show. I took care of that tonight, but it was a mess on Sunday.

I really love the crab apple blooms. Is it your anniversary? Am I THAT forgetful? And the second photo doesn't look all that bad, either. I'm actually impressed that your paper pile isn't bigger. Mine sometimes overwhelms me until I give up and deal with it. Hope your tea was great today.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Not sure if it is your anniversary or not but if so congrats! :)

Ah...the dreaded paper pile...or in my case PILES!!!

Dianne said...

Lovely flowers...had to laugh about the 'cropping' of the photo. ya know the other bloggers do it, you're just more honest about it! cute post.

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