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Friday, April 13, 2012

Postcard Challenge weeks 14 & 15

I find myself playing catch-up this week. With the kids on Spring break, I completely forgot about doing my postcard! 

Week 14--
Thadeus writes to Maggie about his long absence.

So sorry to have worried you but I was unable to send any correspondence.  I was sent on another errand- this time I was at sea for a couple weeks. I was certainly happy to come to port here in Singapore.
I want to see you again. Please send me your travel plans. I'll be waiting here at the beach for the next few days. 

So that must be why Thadeus never made it to Israel.  *wink*

Here's my page with a few notes...more clues to his research one would assume.

And now for Week 15 from Iceland!!

I knew I had to do the Northern Lights. We see them here in MN sometimes. I have fond memories of sitting in silence watching the colors play across the sky.

Maggie writes in her sweet note:

I am so delighted that we were able to spend an entire day together. I'll always cherish sitting on the steps with you. The Northern Lights   were like a symphony. We didn't need to speak, we just had to be.
I wish you would end your research - I fear for you and your well being. Who knows what you might discover.

My goodness they've met again. A romance seems to be brewing between them.

The page features the word magnificent boldly circled. I'm thinking that Maggie has fallen head over heels.

Please swing over to Darcy's blog and check out the rest of this weeks postcards.



Gina said...

Well done Halle, I'm doing 2 this week for the same reason lol :D So curious as to what it is Thadeus is researching, and you can positively hear Maddie sighing :D XXX

WrightStuff said...

Ooh romance under the Aurora Borealis.... a real delight!

Darcy said...

ohhh to be in love, so exciting. Love the cards. Well done on catching up.

~*~Patty S said...

ooo romance seems definitely in the air ... softly like a symphony

this post and your creations is just all around great Halle!

seeing the Northern Lights would be dreamy I'm sure!

Happy Weekend to you!

Jamie Lynn said...

they are great, glad you could catch up


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's good to read your blog you again. I have missed you. Now I know why: Spring Break!

These two characters seem to have caught the love bug. I like where this is going.

Margaret said...

Love your catchup, Iceland is my fav, how amazing to see such a light show from nature. The pocket on the Singas card is fab, is that some kind of wax paper?

mags21 said...

glad you are catching. great postcards. like the love theme..xx

Sandra Hoogland said...

Yay, back and up to date in one post! :)
I love the Aurora Borealis too, forgot all about them when I stumbled upon all those waterfalls they have...
Great cards and pages!!! ♥

Joanna said...

Well done for catching up :o) Both of your postcards are super. I love the one of the Northern Lights, it really captures that fantastic sight.

gottahavemoxie said...

Aw, they just had to BE! I love that. The beginning of a true romance I hope. Fantastic cards and great story line.

Nathalie Thompson said...

Good for yout for keeping up! Don't know how Hoardica will explain her long absence.
I am not even going to attempt to catch up!

Jen said...

Well done managing two postcards, both excellent. Really like the idea of a romantic evening under the Northern Lights.
Jen x

Jen said...

Well done with your postcards. Love your depiction of the aurora - we see them from our house in north east Scotland.

I am visiting Jen and using her computer that is why this comment looks as though she has posted it.

Janet xx

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Love the palm trees! I'm playing catch up today myself...a week behind!

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