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Friday, April 27, 2012

Postcard Challenge weeks 16 & 17

There seems to be a pattern with me lately...I can't seem to get these done at the proper time.  At least Darcy is very kind about it and doesn't rap us on the hand with a ruler or anything. :)

Week 16...otherwise known as last week...Thadeus sends a postcard from Romania. 

The postcard is a photo I took then played around in Photoshop a bit to give it a vintage feel.

Thadeus writes:

Iceland was amazing. I can't stop thinking of you even when I know that I should be actually reading the books and documents in  front of me. I have scarcely seen the outside of the library here in Romania. I think I have discovered the source of the shipment. Time will tell.

The accompanying page is a little boring. I thought the paper is somewhat old wallpaper like...something one might see in an old library. 

Week 17 Maggie writes to Thadeus from Norway. 

She doesn't mention why she is there. It seems Miss Maggie is somewhat a woman of leisure. Taking photos, painting etc.

 Maggie writes:

I'm so excited that we, I mean, you are getting more answers. I feel as though I'm part of your journey as well now. I hope that doesn't offend you since you are doing all the work.
When you visit next I'm going to make you some Norwegian specialties. 
      Yours truly- Maggie

She certainly tends to stumble a bit when corresponding with Thadeus. Maggie seems quite impulsive...doesn't think before she speaks...or writes.

The page includes the recipes written in Norwegian...sure hope she can translate them...and a pocket that showcases rosemaling.

Thanks for bearing with me and the extra long post.
Stop by Darcy's blog to see some more Norway postcards this week.


Joanna said...

Both your cards have a lovely vintage look. Well done for catching up. The weeks go round so fast, don't they?

mags21 said...

well done for catching up.lovely postcards, lovely the vintage look..

Darcy said...

ooo I love the vintage book card, and yes the paper does look like wallpaper. Recipes eh/ always a winning subject for me.

happy for you to play, i don't mind when you link them up lol

Jamie Lynn said...

they are both great, especially like the angle & view of Norway.

between you & me sometimes I get stumbely too

~*~Patty S said...

I think "traveling" is taking up lots of time and that could explain why your postcards are a wee bit late? ;)

great altered book photo and that rosemaling is really beautiful!

Happy beginning of the weekend Halle

Kaylene said...

Great cards

Lisa Graham Art said...

Love the first photo of the books Halle...and I flipped through your posts here to see what's been up.
HOW did I miss Toddler Tea? : )

Hope you are having fun and a great weekend!

craftattack said...

Great cards, the book photo is wonderful! Valerie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I cannot believe you thought this post was LONG. Longer than those you might normally write, but not long! I actually enjoyed seeing both postcards together. I think it made it more special. I suspect Thadeus was so busy in the library that he actually FORGOT to mail his postcard! That's the story I would go with, at least (grin).

NatashaMay said...

Mail is a disaster these day, no wonder the postcards are late. :) Great ones!

Janet said...

Great effort to catch up! Often two postcards arrive at the same time - love the book idea, very atmospheric and your Norwegian card and book is a joy of colour.

Janet xx

Margaret said...

I love both your cards, I'm having trouble keeping up myself, some weeks I manage better than others!
The rosemaling pocket is gorgeous, I love the design a lot, off to check out your link.

San @ Made in Hem said...

Not being curious or anything... What kind of recipes are they??? I love recipes!!! :)
Your cards and pages look great. I don't think I've ever been to a library that wasn't somewhat boring for one who's heart doesn't speed up when there's a book in sight... It's very appropriate! ♥
So glad you found time to catch up! Wishing you a fun and crafty week!

Jen said...

Two great book pages and cards.Lovely flourish on the Norway page.
Jen x

Gina said...

Your cards and pages are lovely Halle :D I wonder what kind of treats she has in mind??? :D XXX

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I just got home from my day out and had to tell you that I won't use these tea towels because they don't match my kitchen and I'm all about matching. I DO use the good stuff. I don't use stuff people give me when they want to impose their style on my. I may have to remember these, and get them out for Easter next year!! I'd use them then, I think.

Thanks for stopping by today.

~*~Patty S said...

a little birdie told me today is a very special day!

Happy Happy Birthday to you dear Halle!
your birth day, week, month and year!

Brightest of Blessings Always!

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