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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I came across this a couple weeks ago, bookmarked it and totally forgot. I do that more than I'd like to admit.
Check out the website here at www.artnowforautism.com 100% of the proceeds from the sale will go to Autism Speaks.

I'm planning on sending off these 2 pieces that I've made over the past few years.

This is a cause VERY near to my heart. Our boy has Asperger's Syndrome, which is on the autism spectrum. He is doing extremely well these days. We are so proud of him and how far he has come. People who knew him as a preschooler can hardly believe that the 8yr old in front of them is the same child.


Cindy said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful pieces and for donating them to this very worthy cause!

Sue Farace said...

They are very moving, especially the first on with the picture of the boy. My daughter (7) has a friend (7) that has aspergers. Her understanding and patience with the fact that he is "different" is amazing to watch.


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