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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Awesome day!

Today has been just one of those wonderful days that everything seems to fall into place. Usually it's just the opposite. I forget or misplace things, someone is a crabby butt, nothing productive gets accomplished, etc...you get the picture.

Here's my list of wonderful things for the day:
  • both kids slept in--HOORAY!
  • beautiful gift from a friend arrived (spoon book w/knife)
  • get to see my bracelet in print (pages 101 & 225)
  • baby girl graduated from preschool
  • tried welding for the 1st time -- it's REALLY fun

1 comment:

purplepaint said...

I've done soldering, but I've always wanted to weld!!!! That would be awesome! Can you imagine all the metal I would be collecting to make sculptures? Maybe I better not take that up! LOL! :) Marva

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