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Monday, June 7, 2010

Flowers all around

On the deck, we have lots of pots of flowers. I love the splashes of color.

The tiny potted rose that graces our table was given by our next door neighbor when my dad passed away. 

The pink hydrangea was given by some of our other neighbors at that same time.  I potted it this year so I can over-winter it in the house and then plant it in the ground next year. **fingers crossed**

I couldn't help myself at the greenhouse and had to buy the Gerbera Daisy.  I have it in a little galvanized bucket.  Love it!

See the white petunias in the pot next to it. They are some of the ones I started from saved seeds.

This grouping has herbs and flowers. The super full pot I bought at Trader Joe's. It has rosemary, thyme and some very dead sage. Oops. Forgot to water it for a couple days. It didn't like that.
See the goofy plant in the yellow pot. It's rosemary as well. I've had it for a few years now. It is the oddest looking thing but it keeps on going. So many people I've talked to can't keep their rosemary growing over winter. For some wonderfully crazy reason...mine does fine. Not pretty but still fine.

Then, of course, we have the volunteer flowers that come up here and there.  My girl pulled this one out from under the edge of the deck. She planted it in our garden box at my urging. We'll have to see if it lives.

Going around to the front of the house we have a beautiful azalea bush. I can't take credit for planting it but I'll certainly take the kudos for nurturing it over the years.  I had lots of comments on it at the garage sale.

I didn't buy an petunias this year. Every single one I have out is a saved seed from last year. I ended up with white, 3 shades of purple and a purple-n-white edged variety. The funny thing is that I never had any purple last year. They were all hybrid colors last year but no multi-color ones.

Lastly we have the large pots along the front walk. Last year I had giant geraniums that my folks had over-wintered for several years. I just don't have that kind of space.
Hope you enjoyed the walk through my yard!

1 comment:

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

As you know, I was here at 6ish this morning, but Blogger refused to let me post. Here is basically what I said today: I really love the azalea bush. I tried to grow one once, and it didn't last a full season.

I never knew petunias could be grown from seed. That's good to know, and I love the planter, too.

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