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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garage Sale Treasures

On a whim, I went in search of some garage sales with my neighbor.  Yeah, I know, what was I thinking. I just had a sale myself to get rid of stuff. We have more room now so I have to do my best to fill it back up.

I did very well in just 2 hours. I got all you see here plus a nightstand for my son's room for the small price of $22.40. 
  • New Stampin' Up! Sunflower set
  • Stampin' Up! set of distressing tools
  • square frame
  • sunflower floral spray
  • craft paints new or barely used
  • candle
  • vintage books
  • cigar box
  • terracotta saucers
  • stack of white cardstock
  • picnic basket
  • canvas boards
Since garage sales and thrift stores are the only places I'm allowing myself to purchase supplies this year I think I really scored!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, I'm in awe. I have never found anything art related like that at garage sales. That picnic basket looks great, too. Storage or picnics?

Carole said...

I've never come across any art supplies in garage sales either. I have occasionally sold my own supplies, but to find them? I wish.

Lori said...

That is a total score Halle! I went myself and got some great fabric among other things. Such a great feeling to come away with all that stuff for mere pennies!

Lynn Stevens said...

oh score! Looks like you hit the jackpot, I'm getting ready myself to do a yard sale,my two crafty friends and I are doing a craft/stamping stuff yardsale. its gonna be huge! We all have way to much stuff! Its alot of work just getting things priced.

Thanks for your recent visit and kind words!

purplepaint said...

Oh look at the wonderful things you found!!!! I just love garage sale-ing!!! Marva

Bonnie in SC said...

Wow you did great. Wish there were garage sales in my neighborhood.

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