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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Little bits of this and that

I've been working on random projects as time permits since it's summer break for the kids.

I made another cork board. An 8x10 version this time. I tried out cutting the long "stem" off the champagne corks. This posed more of a challenge in the layout. I still have a bag of corks from the giant fish bowl...amazing how many were in there.

Four cartons of fire starters made from sawdust and leftover candles for our chimenea.They work really slick. Just break off one section and it adds enough fuel to get the fire going really good. Great way to use up those candle bits that won't burn anymore.

This time I had quite a bit of extra wax due mostly to a couple of really poor candles I bought a while back. They were both the jarred variety and kept drowning the wick in the puddled wax. Frustrating!
I decided to try a citronella candle for the deck once I found the wicking and citronella oil in my candle making box. I reused one of those old candle glass jar for this experiment.

PS...what do you think of my new signature?


Sylvia Drown said...

Love this Cork board!!! Thanks for visiting my Studio and Baxter's Mom...I have to be organized, or I can never find a thing!

Rebecca said...

Hi Halle: You visited my blog party and left a sweet comment & also asked about the wall hanging that I have in my space [thislittlebirdietoldme.blogspot.com---just in case you didn't remember]....anyway, that is a vintage tin piece [actually 2 pieces that I overlapped to make one large one] and I backed it to some plywood for hanging purposes and the lighting draped at the top is actually a set of icicle lights from Christmas :) I love lights!! So, that's it in a nutshell....Take care and visit again soon....I love your blog! Rebecca

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