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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tea Tuesday

This is the only kind of snow I want to see anymore this year!  Cute faced little snowmen on my side table.
I'm sitting warming up from moving more snow...this time off the roof...again. I have a big pile in the driveway..waiting for the plow to come through before blowing it all away.

Yesterday, the boy and I spent almost and hour and a half trying to get to an appt that was only 13 miles from our house. The roads were crazy due to the temperature and rate of snowfall right at rush hour. Or maybe I should say rush HOURS. The plow trucks weren't able to keep up with it and it was a little too cold for the chemicals to properly work.  

UGH...can you tell I'm still bitter about the snow.

Ok..back to my tea...relax...deep breaths... ah that's better.

Go see what my Tea Tuesday friends are up to today. You'll find the links over on Kimmies blog.


~*~Patty S said...

not good when for the snow to be stressing you out and making extra work for you too Halle

spring is coming
spring is coming
yeah right ;)

take care...warm and cozy!
Happy T today

Yvonne said...

OH my, it must be so hard living whre it snows. I can't imagine. Just stay warm and try not to get stressed out. Happy tea day to you.

Kimmie said...

Oh do please be careful! especially if you are tackling getting the snow off of the roof!!! yikes! Hopefully today is a good day to stay in and wait things out .... keep the kettle on for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

That must be frustrating sitting in traffic for so long, and probably cold on top of it all. Stay safe, deep breaths are good. Christne

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I haven't even thought about snow on my roof. Of course, right now, I can't see past my front door the wind is blowing the snow so hard. Hope today is better instead of bitter.

Nancy said...

I, too, am sick of shovelling snow!
I do like your little place for tea, tho :)

Nathalie Thompson said...

We are BURIED in my part of Missouri (mid state) but I am loving it. I am originally from Michigan so this winter is like ones I remember growing up.

Stay warm, drink lots of hot tea and dream of spring, my friend. (((hugs)))

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