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Monday, March 7, 2011

Baking failure and success

My BFF from high school, Sandy, shared a few of her dearly departed Grandmother's bread recipes with me last week.

Yesterday, I tried the Honey Oatmeal bread.... As you can see, it didn't turn out quite as planned. It's still tasty, just short and dense.

Today I had much better results! I used her bun recipe only I made it with half wheat and half white flours instead of all white flour. I can't wait to sample one!!


Maggi said...

Oooo, I think they both look good! Especially those rolls...*drool*

Sandy C said...

Love, love, love your buns! (hehe that sounds funny to write) I hope they tasted as good as they look. What a wonderful tribute to my Grandma to share her awesome cooking with you. In the life of my Grandma, if anyone ever came to her house she would put together a feast fit for a king with her homemade goodies. I love that we are getting back to the basics, your family got "buns with love". (again, sounds funny)

Thanks for sharing Halle!

Kimmie said...

I bought whole wheat flour several weeks ago with visions of me baking wonderful homemade bread .... With my family gathering around exclaiming how I should never buy bread again .... Have I done it? No!!! What is wrong with me!?! ;)

Looks positively delicious BTW!

Nancy said...

Great looking buns :) I cannot for the life of me, make brown bread like my Grandmother!

Dianne said...

these rolls look absolutely yummy! a lucky family will be enjoying them later...

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