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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quotes AB finished!

I started this AB years ago with a few tip-ins from a swap. I love quotes... It seemed like the perfect theme. Alas, I ran out of steam on the project. It was set aside...forgotten.  Recently, I've had the drive to finish those UFOs (unfinished objects) sitting around basically to free up space and cross things off my on-going list.

I asked my good friend Elizabeth if she'd make a tip-in or two for me...  She came up with the idea of hosting a tip-in swap on abc_alteredbookclub. Sweet!
Just look at the end result! A completed book! Well, truthfully, there are spots for 3 more quote pages if they were glued directly down but for all intensive purposes...this is officially crossed off my list!!!!


Yvonne said...

Looks wonderful and doesn't it feel good to cross another project off. WhooHoo. I love quotes too and that is a good idea on how to keep them. Are the quotes in any kind of order? Could we see pics of some of the pages?

~*~Patty S said...

oh you must be tickled

so you have space for some one sided quote pages?

Happy Sunday from rainy Virginia Halle

Janet said...

What a great idea....and the end result is so cool. I love quotes, too. I have them written on scraps of paper and stuffed everywhere.

Nancy said...

your book is awesome :) don't you love it when something gets 'comleted'!

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