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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tea Tuesday

Do you make lists?
I do..constantly. It helps keep me on track. Otherwise I end up wasting a bunch of time on...something...anything...except what I really need to be doing.
I also love the satisfaction of crossing things off that list. Sometimes I even write down the thing I just did even though it hadn't been on the list...just so I can cross it off. Quirky I know...but that's just me. Take it or leave it....

My tea set today is actually a mismatched orphan set from my mom. I bet you wouldn't have even guessed. The cup is from Germany and the saucer is from Austria. I think they look quite nice together.
My tea today was an organic Jasmine blossom Green tea. I've figured out that I really do not like flower teas. I don't care for chamomile either.

I better get finished up...there's a lot on my list!!
Go see what my friends are doing today...you'll find the links on Kimmies blog.


Yvonne said...

I never would have known they were not a matched set. Lovely pair. You tea sounds good. I love flower teas. I haven't had many teas that I didn't care for. Too much licorice or too much vanilla I don't prefer, but most of the others are good to me. Happy tea day.

ooglebloops said...

They look perfect together. I am a list maker also - being of distracted mind!!!LOL I should make a mixed media piece out of all my discarded lists!!!LOL Thanks for entering the giveaway!!!

Wendy said...

I get too caught up in being a perfectionist to make lists, but I love the idea of being a good list maker, I know that sounds odd. I do love flowery teas though. They just have to be blended well otherwise, they taste unpleasant. Thanks for the tea with such a beautiful set, love it!


The Year of the Cats

*jean* said...

i must confess, i too, am a "add the done thing to the list so i can cross it off" kind of girl...who knew there were others? i love blogland...your orphan set is beautiful!!! happy tea tuesday!!!


Robin said...

I just had to laugh when I read your comment about adding things you've done to your list so you can cross them off.....I'm guilty of the same thing!! Like Jean said "who knew there were others?" Have a wonderful day.


Kimmie said...

Well your cup and saucer make a very nice European alliance! And the flowered tea in the flowered cup sounds very lovely .... Even if it's not quite your cup of tea (lol)

As for lists .... I try to get in the habit, thinking that it is the answer ot all my problems, but very quickly forget that I made a list and go back to my floating from task to task .... Oh well!

Happy tea day to you! Enjoy your day!

Amy said...

I only make lists in the middle of the night.
Something will occur to me:
Crap! I didn't post the TOD, seal the painting, sign my son's take home folder, or eat dinner.
Then I'll make a quick list,
drink some water,
and go back to sleep.

Couple of times a week, I'll do this.
I wake up to scraps on my desk.

Today there is one there
I SWEAR it is torn from a piece of cardstock and shaped like a "C"

Scribbled around the C (I was tired, so my writing is only decipherable by me) is:
set reminder on mac for Wednesday Whack, get cash from hon for wheat gluten, give mary .95 /milk, mail margie tip in, fortune thing, schmidt,

on a corner in a funny wobbly tired scribble:
did I mail sandra's box?!?!?!?!
Make Dentist appt for little man!!!

Oh, this was a long comment.

voodoo vixen said...

What a beautiful teacup and saucer, and I would not have known they did not originally start off together... but then like life, sometimes that is the best solution!! This is my first tea on tuesday and I don't like flower teas... I like flowers and I like tea but not in the same pot...

my cup of tea said...

I love how the tea cup and saucer go so well together! I would never have known they did not go together! I always add an extra thing on my list I can cross off right away too!
Happy Tea-day!

Cameron said...

Orphan set...just the term makes them so much more endearing...haha...though, they seem to be happy together!
I don't care for flowery teas either...make 'em black, maybe a chai or vanilla or orange variation...but always black :)

Nancy said...

The beautiful cup and saucer are made for each other :) Happy T day!

Gayle said...

Yes..lists are a good thing, sadly mine are long and not that much seems to get crossed off, but I'm working on it. Happy Tea Tuesday to you.

Nathalie Thompson said...

Germany, Austria-- it's all BAVARIAN to me! Maybe that's why your cup and saucer look perfect together? They are cousins. There, I have coined a new term. heehee

Pamela Sweet said...

Hi Halle! Thank you for stopping by my blog and welcoming me to this lovely weekly tradition! I'm an occasional lister but should probably do it more often. The teacup and saucer look quite lovely together. :)

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