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Monday, May 2, 2011

Painting...Tests of Significance

I had been planning to stain the deck today...well actually we were going to start yesterday...but it's been  so cold that at times there are snow flurries in the air.

I already had "painting" on the brain, so I decided to work on a canvas that I'd covered over the previous painting with gesso and left for the past...well, forever.

Earlier today I took this photo while trying to decide what else it needed.

I took a "type" rubber stamp to it in a couple of places and then decided I hated it. I then grabbed a wet rag to try to scrub the ink off in places. As I was scrubbing I was liking the effect. More scrubbing and I was liking it even better.

After all the scrubbing, I did go back and add a few more bits of paint here and there.

There are lots of layers on this canvas...just the way I like them. Lots of wrinkles from tissue paper, some modeling paste, book page scraps and the found text that has become the title of the piece.


Yvonne said...

Very cool!

Dianne said...

very successful scrubbing! I really like this one. and the title is cool too.well done! I'm pretty sure I've got some canvases around that could use this treatment...

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