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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Planting and a question

Between rain showers and thunderstorms, I've been desperately trying to get a few things planted.
I got 6 of 9 tomato plants into the garden box.
I planted marigolds along front again in an attempt to keep away the pesky deer.
The girl and I also planted a row of carrots and radishes between the tomatoes and marigolds. We planted them in the way my dad always did.... carrot, radish, carrot, radish, carrot, radish and so on. The theory is that the radishes mature and get harvested long before the carrots so you end up getting double duty out of one row.

I haven't gotten the window boxes along the deck planted yet. Only my basil seeds spouted. So I have that and the parsley I over-wintered in the house.  I'll be buying the a couple of seedlings...bummer. 

In the old aluminum bucket we are growing green onions. I started them in a dreaded Styrofoam egg carton.  They seem to have transplanted well.
The stump is also our wood chopping block. Works great for both purposes....well, I don't chop wood, so I'm just taking their word for it.

I also planted my big red pots out front. I picked a big variety pack this year. I wanted lots of plants and lots of color.  Obviously, this is only one of them...

I have a few more flowers started in the house and I may pick up a few more at the greenhouse. I love flowers! And since not all of my saved seeds produced little plants like I hoped..off to the greenhouse I'll go.

Lastly...I am wondering if anyone knows what this plant is?
(click to enlarge) --->

It came up last year behind a hosta. It survived the winter and has grown leaves again. It sends out little tendrils that last year adhered themselves to the deck. If it's some horrible invasive species, I'd like to dig it out...if not I think, I'll let it stay for now.


Jill said...

That may be a wild grape vine. I'll look at mine again and see if I can tell. I think they look neat and let mine grow along the fence in our back yard.
Isn't planting time the best?!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your plants, grass, and tomatoes all look so much better than mine. Most of my tomatoes didn't make it. The birds got them. I only have two left out of 14. And I have NO idea what the plant is. But I DO know that the people in my photo are Kathy, Dana, and me.

~*~Patty S said...

I thought the same as Jill on your mystery plant

Love how everything is green and blooming and so pretty at your house...you are a "real" gardener growing from seed!


La Dolce Vita said...

looks like wild grape to me too... and marigolds are good for keeping the worms off the tomatoes too!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

I thought grape also but hard to tell. Sounds like your having fun planting! As soon as we get our tiller fixed we will be doing the same thing this week!

kimmie said...

I thought blackberry .... But maybe not ...
You are way ahead of me on your vegetable planting.
Everything looks gorgeous!

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