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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day

The two words every kid longs to hear. 
I was shocked when the call came through at 5:30 this morning. 
I figured we'd maybe have a 2 hour late start but CLOSED.  Really!?!?
We are 5 houses from the edge of our school district...if we were on the next street, the kids would have had school on time, no delay today. 
Weird, huh.

We got rain then sleet then snow then freezing rain then sleet again then snow. Needless to say it's very heavy. Check out my neighbors Spruce tree. 

Another neighbor has a tree leaning down into their driveway.

Our dogwood looks pretty encased in ice.

I wanted to take even more pictured but it's rainy-sleety again and I didn't want to get my lens wet.

It's so pretty out and warm.



fairyrocks said...

The difference a day makes, I love you photos, so serene and beautiful.
We too get those big piles of white stuff in the springtime. Thanks for sharing
Where we live, they will cancel the buses, however the school is open just in case a child gets dropped off by accident for the day.

~*~Patty S said...

or slip!!!
What a beautiful winter wonderland...hope there is/are not a lot of downed trees and other damage!

It is raining cats and doggies here in VA...even heard a loud clap of thunder...some snow would be nice...we've had in March before...just a token to say goodbye to winter perhaps

Enjoy your day!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

We got rain and tornadoes last night, but no white stuff. I was watching your weather and knew you were in for a really fierce day. I forgot to mention when you called that it is 65 degrees F and sunny here in Kansas. Just saw it on the early (5 pm) news.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Well, lucky for your kids! I remember we had a super bad ice storm a few years back....it was nasty. But I would rather have that anyday compared to this tornado crap!

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