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Friday, December 31, 2010

Accountabilty time

Last year I set some goals for myself so I figured I had better fess up and see what I actually accomplished.
I'm rating myself with a stoplight system for lack of a better way.

This is my 2010 list:

  • learn to knit --Need more practice but have the concept down
  • use the supplies I have instead of buying new --only purchased garage sale/thrift store supplies
  • finish my circles quilt --DONE
  • open an Etsy shop --open, stocked and have made 2 sales!
  • complete my Nature altered book --not yet but am getting closer
  • Be Creative Every Day --it's not always art but I feel I do something creative most days
  • get back to eating healthy --the holidays have been a set back
  • get back to my exercise routine --not at the level I want to be...goal needs to continue for sure.
  • paint the kitchen cupboards --nope
  • plant more veggies --Yes..will plant more next year
  • de-cluttter in prep for a monster garage sale --YES! huge sale
  • repurpose and recycle more --hard to measure this one but I think I have

I must be a glass half-full kind of person because I see the goals that I haven't quite met not as failures as some would but as stairs I have climbed on my way to the goal.
Over all I'm glad I made this list. Obviously, I didn't do everything I wanted to but really...who does?  I'm going to think about my goals for 2011 now. I think accountability is a great motivator.

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

You are exactly right. If I don't make a list like this, then I tend to nver get things done that I really want to get done. So this is a great idea for everyone. Looks like you did great actually. I've had years that I do good and years that I don't do so good. But like you said, I don't count them as failures. Well, I'm off to make my list as well. Thanks for sharing this.

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