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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tea Tuesday

Today I'm treating myself to a fancy cup of yummy tea while I write Christmas cards.

In previous years I've made a scrapbook page then had them color copied to send out as our family greeting. Last year I did a custom photo card.

This year I went in a more traditional direction. I purchased these cute cards last year after Christmas. Then last month I created a collage photo to send along with the cards. I'd forgotten how long it takes to sign each cards, write a little note in some and then address all the envelopes!!  It's worth it though.  I love having all the cards and photos from friends and family hanging in the kitchen.

Head over to Kimmies blog to see what my Tea Tuesday friends are up to today.

I'll be back a little later with the 2nd day of Christmas swap page...


Kimmie said...

Oh good for you! We have been gradually slipping in the Christmas card department over the years. This year we're actually thinking about sending one out .... via e-mail! Are we lazy or what? I'm interested in the tea you're drinking ... It looks like it says melaleuca .... which would be tea tree, right? Is it good? I'll bet it's healthy!!!

Happy Tuesday!

*jean* said...

oo your cup is gorgeous!! i have opted to do the photo card this year, first time ever...i think i may take a few years of breaks...i have written thousands of cards over the years...although i always love to get them!

Dianne said...

That cup and saucer are exquisite!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love the look of your cup and saucer today. Yes, it is really time consuming to make the cards. I have my tip-ins finished, but not my cards. Still stamping them. Who would have thought I would be so late this year? You may get yours in time for the new year (grin).

Speaking of being late, sorry I'm so late getting here today. I just started my tea journey a few minutes ago because I've been in the studio with my head down and totally lost track of time. Happy Tea Tuesday, albeit a bit later than I had planned.

~*~Patty S said...

your footed cup is gorgeous...wouldn't matter WHAT you drink out of it ... it would taste lovely I'm sure....cards going out this year are spotty...can't seem to find my twinkle long enough to rally forge ahead...next year I am starting EARLY...seems I must to


Lori said...

What lovely cards! And that teacup is GORGEOUS!

ooglebloops said...

That is a gorgeous teacup!!!! Glad you could join us for tea- I am just catching up on visiting everyone!! I will be posting soon about a teacup exchange, in case you're interested.

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